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3165 River Road North
Salem, OR 97303
(503) 304-5230

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sm_para_img.jpgthanks you for coming out to visit us. Hopefully by now we have met in person at our restaurant / nightclub to experience and enjoy all we have to offer. If you have not been to Your Place yet, what you have missed is a beautifully arranged, clean, safe, fun, and entertaining venue. 


sm_para_img.jpgboasts a full restaurant and kitchen with a professional chef and an extensive menu.  We serve everything from basic deep fried appetizers, to red snapper, rib eye and New York steak, steamer clams, and shrimp dinners. We are quickly becoming well known for the best hamburgers in the area that are hand made from pure angus sirloin ground beef.  Our soups, chili, and potato salad are made exclusively on site by our professional chef and his staff.